My story...


My name is Jordan Aspen.
In 2016, I launched as a platform to share the knowledge I had gained as a freelance seamstress. That summer, I published a book that used poetic instructions to teach artisanal sewing techniques. (You can read a chapter here.) Soon I discovered that my readers were more interested in my poetry than in learning to sew, so I shifted the focus of my blog. I began to share what I wrote, why I wrote it, and taught my readers to write their own poetry.

On the last day of 2016 my best friend asked me to marry him. The stress and busyness of wedding-planning triggered writer's block. I continued to force words onto blank pages but they felt dry, distant, and dead. So I fell silent and stopped blogging for a season.

Thankfully, the engagement period was short, and before winter ended we were married. With marriage came a new identity, new energy, and a new vision.

In the past, I wrote primarily to process pain and confusion. Now the driving force behind my poetry and prose is passion. I want my words to breathe life into the people who read them.

I want to help people overcome weariness and feel alive again through reading and writing beautiful poetry and prose – so alive that they can't help but spread life to the people around them.