like a beautiful dream

Dear Little One,

Your presence didn't feel real at first.
I'd dreamed of you for so long
that when you finally came to be
it felt like a beautiful dream.


Before I felt your first kick
I began to knit a sweater for you.

Somewhere along the way
as it took shape on my needles
your presence became real to me.

I could finally see with my eyes
how God was knitting you together inside.


Now I feel you kick constantly
while I work, play, and rest.

You respond to touch and sound,
especially when your father is near,
your presence and personality so real.

I can hardly wait until you are on the outside
and I can see you with my own eyes.


I pray as I wait
and dream of the day
when I'll finally hold you in my arms,
wondering if it's all a beautiful dream.

let me hold you longer

“We have this perception that life is long, but it’s not true. It’s a perception. Life is short and it moves fast.” ~ Paul Aspen

Dear Little One,

These days I often feel on the verge
of an eternity
called motherhood,
about to be overwhelmed
by a new identity
consuming me.

{photo by  Jordan Aspen }

{photo by Jordan Aspen}

The path seems long and arduous,
but in reality
life is short and it moves fast.

I don’t want to miss yours.

This new identity of motherhood
will not negate the other facets
of who I am.

I am a wife,
a writer and a poet,
an entrepreneur...

And I am a mother — your mother.

{photo by  Mojca Žove (Mars) }

I’ve known you since the moment your life began.
You are a part of mine and I love it.
You come with me everywhere, on all my adventures.

Your kicks make me smile as I type
and seeing evidence of your growth brings smiles
to so many faces of friends, family, and colleagues.

I don’t want that to change after you’re born.

{photo by  Nicholas Doyle }

{photo by Nicholas Doyle}

I welcome you into my life —
your presence in my body now
as you grow strong enough to survive the outside world
and your presence against my body soon
as you grow confident to explore the outside world.
Because I know that one day my wish will be,
“Let me hold you longer.”

{photo by  Jordan Aspen }

{photo by Jordan Aspen}

Inspired by Sakura Bloom's Sling Diary prompt: perception.