how to determine the next step of your sewing journey

the struggle to begin

The first step is the hardest.
because without momentum,
it can be difficult to begin moving.
And that’s if you even know where to begin!
Sometimes knowing where to start
can be the biggest hurdle.

where are you now?

Before dreaming of your future,
establish your present.

Look around you, first, figuratively.
What do you enjoy doing?
What are your skills and abilities?
What have you accomplished in the past?

Now, look around you - literally.
What supplies do you have?
What projects have you already begun?
What sort of materials do you like to work with?

Before you begin your journey,
establish where you are now.

take the next step

Once your feet are firmly planted in the present,
your forward motion can be firm and confident.

What is the next step -
the one just ahead of you?

If your present state
is a place of small skills and big dreams,
and you haven’t even really begun a sewing journey yet,
then your first step is to thread a needle.

That’s all.
Don’t worry about the steps that will come later.
Simply take the next step,
the one right in front of you.
Let me help you: {Click here for a tutorial.}

If you’ve threaded a needle,
mended a few tears, stitched a button or two,
but have never made something from start to finish,
your next step is a small project.

Perhaps a little bag
like the one in my {simple sewing skills} guide.
{Click here to get it for free.}

If you know how to use a sewing machine,
even if only to sew a straight line,
you are in a good place to broaden your horizons!
I wrote the {classic wrap skirt} book with you in mind.

Take each step one at a time and your skills will grow.
Allison had only ever made curtains,
and she succeeded in making a beautiful skirt,
after just a week of visits to my studio.
{Read her story by clicking here.}

If you consider yourself a skilled seamstress,
but find that what you create, though beautiful,
doesn’t end up being something you actually love to wear,
then Part Four of the {classic wrap skirt} book may inspire you.

Part Four contains multiple case studies
that detail the design process of making a skirt
specifically for the needs and desires of the intended wearer.
{Click here to read one of those case studies.}

Wherever you are,
gather clues from your present surroundings
in order to determine your next action step,
and then take it.

Begin the forward motion.
And then, keep it going
by taking the next step.