a peek inside my book of poems

Next week my heart poured out, an anthology of poetry, will be available for preorder. I organized the poems in this book into six sections and have included a peek into each section below:

• writing and storytelling

...my ink is blood, sweat, and tears
my palette holds the colors of fire and water
my notes are the heart-cry of tortured sounds
because I must make something beautiful
from the pain in the world...

• fear and anxiety

...though I am all too well acquainted with the darkness
I will not be seduced by its power
nor deceived into passivity by its weakness
because I am also well acquainted with the Light...

• loss and depression

...what I wouldn't give for a rainy day
why can't the sky reflect the gloominess inside?
the light streams through broken blinds
piercing the darkness in my soul
and making me bleed tears...

• love and devotion

I shuddered when he said the word
I used to know love
back when I knew pain...

• purpose and identity

...who is the real me?

are they lies
the pictures people see
a masquerade?
or could it be
that I'm the one who can't see
past the facade?...

• joy and beauty

usual, mundane
strolling, wandering, exercising
just a normal walk?