What’s holding you back from becoming an artisan?

Why are you here?
Did you hear about me from a friend?
Did you click over from social media or your email inbox?
Did a google search bring you to my little corner of the Internet?

Are you looking for something in particular?
A tip or trick,
instruction of some kind,
encouragement or motivation,
or maybe simply something interesting to distract you?

Let me tell you why I’m here:
I’m here to help you become an artisan.
You may think it impossible, but I don’t.

Why do you think it’s impossible?

No, really, I mean what I ask;
think about it and tell me:
What is holding you back from becoming an artisan?

Tell me using this form.
You don’t even have to sign your name or leave an email.
(Though you may if you like.)

I want to help you get past whatever is in your way.
If you leave your email I can send you a personal response.
But if not, I may let what you say inspire future articles for the blog.
That way my response may help not only you, but others who share your struggle.