why I wrote a book {and what I'm doing next}

I wrote and published
the {classic wrap skirt} book
because I had something
that people wanted and needed.

I designed the skirt years ago.
I needed a simple, practical, comfortable skirt,
so I designed and sewed one for myself.
And other people like it.

Other people wanted to make their own, so I helped them.

I scribbled down some instructions,
outlining how to use their own measurements to draw the pattern,
but forgetting to explain the best way to create the piece of art
that this wrap skirt is meant to be.

Soon I began to see versions of my skirt all around me.
People had passed along the pattern
to friends and friends of friends.
Eventually, I met strangers wearing my design.

This was exciting and encouraging — or it would have been,
except that the skirts were often mediocre,
and a few were even poorly made.
I knew I had fallen short.

I couldn’t expect everyone who wanted a classic wrap skirt
to have the skills to actually execute the process well.
There was a reason they came to me for the design, after all,
and I hadn’t given them my best.

So beginning in January of 2016,
my focus became to produce a book that would explain
the process of creating a classic, artisanal skirt
in a way that was clear and engaging to read.

I succeeded, and published the book in July of the same year.

My goal in creating the {classic wrap skirt} book
was to take something I have that people need,
give it to them in the sort of package they want,
and in so doing, better their lives.

I accomplished my goal.
People are writing to me, saying things like,
“Thank you for caring about this so much that you would write this”
and “...it's a very encouraging and thought provoking book!”

The positive feedback tells me
that I really am
enriching peoples’ lives
through the things I’ve published.

There’s something about this whole thing that’s funny, though.

I thought I would be helping people
by teaching them to sew better,
but they’re telling me that I’m helping them more
through the way I write and tell stories.

The whole {classic wrap skirt} book
is a poem, I suppose.
I wrote it in the same poetic “voice”
as most of my blog posts.

More than the practical sewing instructions,
this is what people love about my book:
the engaging poetic story
that I tell in the process.

I don’t want to create things
that I think people need
unless they really do need
these things I create.

The feedback I receive affects the future form of my creations.

Knowing that my readers
want to read more from me
— more poems and stories, specifically —
means that I will be giving them more of what they want.

I will be producing more of what you want, because I am listening.

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