write something beautiful this week {free mini-course!}

I didn’t intend for you to read my poetry. I didn’t have a childhood dream of being published. I wrote for myself, to process life, to see in black and white what I felt in the shadows of gray.

I wrote as a little girl, I wrote as a teen, and I wrote as I left the nest and flew. I wrote through the wind that blew me where I wasn’t sure I wanted to go and in the shelter of this place or that as I caught my breath.

When the wind shook me free of everything I tried to hold onto, the weight of what I wrote helped me find grounding. When the darkness was so thick that I struggled to move, the scratching of my pen tore open a place for light to seep through. When the ugliness of the world pressed in and tried to make me forget beauty was anything but a dream, I wrote beauty into existence.

A few read what I wrote and somehow found more beauty, light, and grounding coming into their own lives. They asked me for more.

This is why I write here. This is why I publish books. You have asked for a part in this beauty that I bring into being with my words, and I respond with open arms.

Come in, be nourished. Read my words and learn to write your own so that you may bring beauty into every corner of your life and the lives of the people you encounter.

Learn to write your own beauty through this (free) mini-course I’ve created for you. Brew some tea and join me each day for the next week — it will only take 15 minutes or so. Read a prompt and the poem I’ve written in response, then write a little something of your own. No pressure to share it, no worries of being judged or graded; simply write.

And in writing, create beauty.