How to gain credibility with clients

{on case studies and testimonials}

There are many ways potential clients might discover you. One of the best ways is through one of your past clients. Whether it's because that past client tells someone else about their experience working with you or you tell the story of working with them, a potential client is more likely to hire you when he knows what it will be like to work with you.

“People need to be told what to think — not directly, but through the social validation of their peers. Nobody wants to be the first one on the dance floor.” — Shawn Weston

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Is anybody listening to you??

You have something awesome to share with world. You even dream of making a living with this passion.

But nobody’s listening to you yet.

The handful of followers on social media hardly “like” and never comment on your posts. The motivation to create that you had at the beginning is running dry. Is it even worth showing up anymore?

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