put in what you want to get out

I love reading

Forgetting my own time and space and losing myself in another world through the pages of a book is one of my favorite pastimes. I don’t often allow myself the luxury of reading during the work week, so Saturday becomes my day to read for as long as I like.

Without pouring beautiful words into myself, I cannot continue to pour beautiful words out. When I don’t read much, it’s harder to write poetry. Even when I know what I want to write about, I still struggle to find the words. If I’ve been reading, though, the words come much more quickly and easily. Reading feeds me.

{today’s exercise}

Make yourself comfortable, free yourself from distractions, and read some poetry. Keep your idea notebook nearby. You never know when someone else’s words will inspire you to write your own. Record a few words or phrases in your notebook as you read, and if you feel particularly inspired, write a poem right away.

{my process and my poem}

I wrote this poem to help myself grasp the value of reading stories. It helped to free me from the feeling that I should be doing something more productive than reading now that I’m no longer a child.

Am I the only one who saw myself in every protagonist?
Who wondered how I could feel such solidarity with a fictional character?
She might be a princess, an orphan, or a little girl on the prairie.
What does the average 20th-century girl have in common with these?
And in coming to know them I came to know myself.

When was the last time you read a story
and let yourself be in that story?

Why not allow yourself to be the hero
of a story again?

Maybe in experiencing another story
you’ll come to better understand your own.