finishing what I began {Consumption, a novel}

Last year I joined the throngs of people who set out to write 50,000 words (a short novel) over the course of the month of November. The rules of NaNoWriMo are simple: begin writing a new novel on November 1 and write 50,000 words before December 1.

This year I'm a NaNoRebel. I'm not writing a novel, and I'm not starting anything new. I'm not keeping track of my wordcount either. But I am working on a novel — the novel I wrote last year.


If you haven't already read the beginning of my novel, Consumption, you can do so here.

I had intended to release the whole thing as a serial here on my website, but certain monumental life changes got in the way. Plus, to be honest, I didn't like how the second half was turning out. Something was missing.

So I let it simmer all summer.

Consumption-cover moon-01.png

I know what the second half was missing now, and I'm using the month of November to finish what I started.

Still, it's been hard to return to this project. I have a tendency to mull over all the ways I don't love it instead of focusing on what I do love — those things that made me begin writing in the first place. I'm choosing to remember now. I'm choosing to use the coming month to mold this manuscript into a masterpiece. ...Or at the very least make it into something worth reading ;)

Don't expect to be able to buy the book in December; there's a lot that goes into making a book beyond simply writing it. I'm not promising a particular release date yet, but know that I want to get this book in your hands as soon as possible.

You can help me to do just that.


Two ways you can help make this book a reality:

First, if you've begun reading Consumption, help me remember why this story is worth telling. Use this contact form to share why you want to read more.

Second, if you want this book to have a professional cover and perhaps even interior illustrations, buy my other books. The profits from the {classic wrap skirt} sewing book and the collection of poetry, my heart poured out will help fund the art for this novel.