make one thing

Thread a needle.
I know, easier said than done,
but if you thread a needle every day
you'll find yourself able to do it without thinking.
So thread a needle today.

Take a single stitch.
If you only take one stitch every day,
you'll have taken hundreds of stitches in a year.
But I bet you can't take just one.
So take a stitch today.

Make one thing.
If your first attempt is going to be
beginner-quality anyway, why not get it out of the way today?
That way you'll be on your way to greatness.
So make one thing today.

how to become an artisan

What sort of person do you want to be in the future?
Choose to be that person today.
Choose to act like that person today.
If you never begin the journey,
you will never arrive at the destination.

Do you want to be an artisan?
Then establish yourself as one
and begin to act like one
and continue to act like one
until you're known as one.

Forget the constraints of time and space.
If the future you is an artisan
you are an artisan!
If you are an artisan,
what will you do today?
Forget the constraints of skills yet unlearned.

Learn them.

Stitching isn't hard.
For hundreds of years our ancestors
learned to stitch as children.
Your great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers
made their clothes with their hands.
You can too
it's in your blood.

Maybe you can't create
exactly what you want
But today
you can begin to learn to create.
And tomorrow
you can continue.
And if every tomorrow
you make just one more stitch,
next year
you'll be an artisan
with hundreds of stitches under your fingers.