like a beautiful dream

Dear Little One,

Your presence didn't feel real at first.
I'd dreamed of you for so long
that when you finally came to be
it felt like a beautiful dream.


Before I felt your first kick
I began to knit a sweater for you.

Somewhere along the way
as it took shape on my needles
your presence became real to me.

I could finally see with my eyes
how God was knitting you together inside.


Now I feel you kick constantly
while I work, play, and rest.

You respond to touch and sound,
especially when your father is near,
your presence and personality so real.

I can hardly wait until you are on the outside
and I can see you with my own eyes.


I pray as I wait
and dream of the day
when I'll finally hold you in my arms,
wondering if it's all a beautiful dream.