How to generate consistent content for your service-based business

{content marketing made simple}

The basic idea behind content marketing is that publishing valuable content on a consistent basis will help people to know, like, and trust you. When people know, like, and trust you they will be more likely to hire you.

Simple in concept, but not easy to execute: Just publish valuable blog posts every week and share to social media every day. Okay, but how do you come up with this content—and how do you make it valuable?

Begin with one piece of core content.

Write a case study telling the story of how you brought a past client success. This will be the heart of a whole month’s worth of content.

As you write, keep your potential clients in mind: How can you tell the story in such a way as to convince them that you are worth hiring?

A case study is more than a piece for your portfolio. If you want to unpack this idea, check out my article on the topic.

Use the case study as inspiration for more content.

Let your case study inspire 3-4 more blog posts to fill in the remaining weekly-post slots in your month.

Here’s an example: If you start with a case study about an illustration you created for a print magazine you could follow that up with a blog post about your perspective on print vs digital media. Then you could share a color-theory post using your illustration as an example. Finally, you could write a piece detailing your process of actually catching the eye of the magazine’s editor—did they approach you or did you initiate the relationship?

All of a sudden a month’s worth of weekly blog posts feel within reach!

Turn quotes and excerpts into social media posts.

Begin by going through your case study and other blog posts looking for takeaways short enough to tweet. Don’t tease your Twitter followers by giving them a quote that they will only understand by clicking over to read your full post; give them enough value right there on Twitter. Don’t make them leave the platform order to get something valuable from you.

Instagram allows for longer-form content than Twitter, and you can post almost anything you like on Facebook. Consider your followers on each platform that you want to be active on. Feed them the quotes and excerpts that they will serve them well in a format they will enjoy.

If you are active on Medium, post the case study and other articles on your own blog first, then use the Import capability to share them on Medium. This way the source will always be your own platform. (This is exactly what I do.)

In short:

  • Create one piece of core content (a case study)
  • Come up with 3-4 related articles
  • Find 5-7 quotes or excerpts from each (depending on whether you share on social media 7 days a week or only on weekdays)
  • Now you have a whole month’s worth of content: weekly long-form blog posts and daily short-form social media posts

Want help learning to write a case study? That’s too big a topic for a single article, or even a series, so I created a course to walk you through the process step-by-step.

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