using writing to create the reality you want

The sun hasn’t risen yet.

I’d rather go back to bed, cuddled up with my love until obligation forces us to throw off covers and go to work. Instead I settle into the cozy writing space I’ve prepared, blankets keeping me warm and soft glow from nearby lamp mimicking the light of the sun that will join us eventually.

I do want to be here, writing before dawn. I am happy when I make this a habit. Even when it means fighting the emotions of the moment, the impulse to do what feels good now.

My alarm went off at 6am. It has for weeks. But the snooze button is easy, so I use it… over and over…day after day.

Not today. Today I am up and writing.

Why? What changed?

Yesterday, I wrote down my goals. I took my neglected bullet journal planner and recorded in black and white what I wanted my day to look like. I wrote down what I would be writing about this morning. I wrote down that I would write before sunrise.

I wrote it down, and I did it. Not perfectly (I hit snooze three times). Not without complaint (the floor is cold!). But I’m not going to write down the imperfections and complaints in my journal.

I’m going to write of my success.