I don’t want to help you {on creative burnout}

I promised to show up every day with something to inspire you to write. I don’t want to today, but here I am. I hope you appreciate it.

Do you ever consider how hard it is for us to keep creating?

As you sit there consuming, do you think of the work behind the entertainment or education your are absorbing? A five-minute film might represent five-hudred hours of research, planning, and execution. A short article might be the distillation of years of education and experience. A song might be the result of a thousand tears.

Have you taken even half a moment to appreciate this?

Do you find ways to give back and say thanks?

When was the last time you simply said “thank you” to someone who made something you enjoyed? A simple positive comment can turn around a person’s day, especially since it’s far more likely for a consumer to speak up if he is unsatisfied. A few claps can mean a few pennies and those pennies might go into a dream fund that when filled will help refill a tired author’s burnt-out emotional gas tank. A thoughtful gift to a creative you know personally can help motivate her to create again today.

Because creating every day is hard.

Do you nod in agreement because you’re a tired creative too?

If so, don’t let yourself off the hook. Even if you should be on the receiving end of thanks and appreciation that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also be giving it. In fact, you know better than the average person how meaningful it is to be acknowledged for something you have made. Let that motivate you.

🤔 Who will you express appreciation to right now?

I want to know. Seriously, give them a shoutout loud enough for me to hear. Perhaps I’ll find what they create entertaining or educational like you have.