the first step isn't as hard as it feels

So many people have told me
that the most difficult thing about writing case studies
is simply knowing
where to start.

Implementation of any skill
is often the most difficult part of learning it
so I crafted a course
with this in mind.

Then I took the first 3 lessons
(the ones that address "knowing where to start")
and condensed them
into a short guide.

This quick-start guide is free!
The part of the course addressing #1 difficulty
is no longer locked
behind a paywall.

Sure, those first 3 course lessons
are far more detailed than the condensed versions.
And there are more than 3
lessons in the course.

So if you find the guide helpful
and want to use case studies to get great clients
enroll in the
actual course.

But if you don't have
the time or money to invest right now
I still want to help...
so get the guide!