using all five senses to write poetry

I used to spend around 30 minutes walking to and from work every day. It was a wonderful time to allow my mind to relax and wander, so many of my poems began to develop during those walks.

{my process & my poem}

One misty April morning on my way to work, three trees caught my attention. I stopped and stared at them for a moment, then I began to notice other things about the moment. It was almost as if the breeze was whispering to me, warning me that if I didn’t stop to take in the moment I would miss something important.

I soaked it in, then slowly made my way to the office. As usual, I had planned to arrive early, so as soon as I turned on my computer I took a few minutes to type up what I had experienced. It came together and became this poem:

secretive, mysterious
approaching, murmuring, speaking
only wind in leaves?

usual, mundane
strolling, wandering, exercising
just a normal walk?

moist, breezy
misting, breathing, caressing
something here I missed?

wet, fresh
rejuvenating, growing, living
may I have it?

pleasant, enticing
taking, consuming, digesting
absorbing the given missive!

“…you have tasted the kindness of the Lord.” 1 Peter 2:3

{today’s exercise}

Write a poem, five stanzas long, focusing on one of the five senses in each stanza.