inspired by hope of a beautiful future

Yesterday I wrote about taking joy in the past and present through being thankful for the beauty I see. Today I write about future joys.

The future is hazy.

I can look forward to things, but I can never be sure exactly what they will be like when I actually come to them. This doesn’t stop me from dreaming. I’m very future focused. I like looking forward almost too much. Sometimes I get so lost in what could be that I lose sight of what is.

My habits in the present will shape the future if I don’t allow my hopes for the future to shape the present. In order to create the future that I hope to walk into, I must make small changes to the present.

If I can bring the future I hope for into the present, I can change my life.

For example, in order to become a sweet grandmotherly lady rather than a crotchety old woman, I must choose to be kind and compassionate today. If I want to be a certain person in the future, the only way to do so is to be that kind of person in the present.

And so, I allow my hopes and dreams of a beautiful future to inspire me today.

{today’s exercise}

When you look toward the beautiful future, what do you see? Whether it is a small thing you know you can expect or a big thing you feel crazy for hoping for, write a poem about something you look forward to.

{my process and my poem}

In a couple of months my sister will drive a thousand miles from our hometown to come live with me for a while. I look forward to her coming with eager anticipation!

Counting down the weeks
will turn to counting down the days
will turn to counting down the hours
as the leaves turn color
and the season turns cold
as the day draws near that you
will draw near to me and I
will draw you close to hold you
really hold you in my arms.