allow me to introduce myself

My given name is Jordan Elizabeth.
My brand is jordan elisheva.
This is the story of both.

I’m Jordan.
I have been since before I can remember.
This part of who I am
was given to me,
but the identity given by the people around me
isn’t all of me.

Though who I am
is molded by my past,
I may also choose to mold
who I will be.

Elizabeth is derived from the Hebrew,
“elisheva,” meaning God is my oath.
This part of my brandname
tells the story
of the identity I’ve chosen for myself.

It looks backward to ancient times
and ancient tongues.
To a time when the One True God
made Himself known to human beings.
And it looks forward to the day when
the promises He made then
will be fulfilled,
and God and man will walk together again.

It brings the past and the future together
to the present.
This moment I am in right now.
For this same God is not silent today.

God is my oath:
the One True God
chooses to invite me to walk with Him
and solemnly swears to walk with me.

What has this to do with sewing?

More than I realized when I adopted the hobby.
The answer to the question is not simple.
So as you continue to explore my brand,
I will try to show you what I mean.