will be rewarded

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There are times when
as I create with my hands
I fill my ears
with amusement.

But when instead
I listen to the silence
giving way to the subtle sounds of making
I hear a voice inside:

Whispering solutions
to problems
I might face
in this project

and suggesting ideas
for future

For all creation reproduces after its own kind.
Creativity breeds creativity.
As you listen to the sound of making,
you will learn to hear your muse.

Like lightning striking
the highest tree,
inspiration strikes
the highest thought.

grow high
in quiet
wild spaces

where man-made towers
with lightning rods
designed to steal wild energy
are few and far between.

Inspiration strikes
in the wondering wanderings
that find feet
in echoing expanses.

Such places
are frightening.
Who knows what hidden anxiety
might live in such a wilderness?

Such places
are exciting.
Who knows what majestic creature
might call this habitat home?

Who knows?
He who faces his fear of silence.
She who chooses quiet creativity.
These are blessed by rare beauty revealed in solitude.

Will you
be one of these pioneers
setting out to explore
your own mind?

Will you
brave the silence
and discover untold treasure?
Will you

listen to the sound of making?

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