bravely face the silence

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Listen to the sound of making.

Not just the sound you hear while you are making;
The actual sound that you create as you make
is different from the sounds that you associate
with being in that state.

Have you ever stopped to listen?

When you sit down to make
you have already rebelled
against the fast pace
of our modern culture.

Why not take the rebellion a step further?

Question the zeitgeist that demands
constant entertainment
and distraction
and noise.

Fight the compulsion
to fill your mind with
someone else's

Bravely face
the silence
as it gives way
to your own thoughts.

Listen to the sound of making.

At first, silence can be deafening,
but if you take the time
to let yourself adjust
you will begin to really hear.

Even the most quiet
of pastimes
has a sound
if you listen for it.

Listen to the sound of making.

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