cherish the writing process {thoughts from author Lynnette Kraft}

Lynnette Kraft is the author of Ingrid and Archie of Outlandish, both published by New Wrinkle Publishing. I asked her some questions about her writing process, and today I have the pleasure of sharing some of her thoughts with you!

“Each person on Earth was created with a purpose. There are those who seem to fit into the mold of normal society (although I think most people have to work hard to do that), but there are those who can’t fit in, because there is something that immediately sets them apart as different. I like to write about those characters.” — Lynnette Kraft

Ingrid and Archie, two of Lynnette’s characters, and Karina, the main character of my novel Consumption all have a certain quality that sets them apart as different. Ingrid is mute, Archie can’t look up without having a panic attack, and Karina’s anxiety and OCD cause her to withdraw from society.

I asked Lynnette to share a little of what it’s like for her to get into the heads of these “different” sort of characters.

“I try to see something deeper in just about every situation. It benefits me at times and other times it makes life a little too deep. Because of this, I can really get into my characters' heads… As a mother, I’ve experienced things through my kids as well. I’ve helped them through fears, anxieties, sadness, anger, etc. So, I guess I mother my characters a little too. They feel through my emotions and they learn to cope through my counsel.” — Lynnette Kraft

Lynnette’s characters and their circumstances drive her stories. It’s easy for her to begin to write, but once she’s knee-deep in the story she finds herself thinking, “Where the heck am I going?”

“The best way to get past this is just to sit down and write more. I know that, but I tend to stay away from it in this phase and honestly, that’s the worst thing to do. Carving out alone time to build the story is so crucial! (I’m in that stage right now with my next story and [my own advice] just yelled at me to grow up and be a writer! ha!)” — Lynnette Kraft

It encourages me to hear that I’m not the only one who has to tell herself to “grow up and be a writer!” I hope Lynnette’s words encourage you too.

“The process of writing a story should be just as satisfying as finishing a story. Yes, it’s hard work and sometimes absolutely mind boggling, but there are so many little victories along the way and writers should gain momentum from those victories. We should cherish the entire process.” —Lynnette Kraft


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