make clothes you love {even if you can't sew yet}

You’re fed up with poorly-fitting clothes
that last just one season,
not only because they go out of style,
but because they’re so poorly made
that they quickly wear out.

I know, because I’m fed up too.

Oh for the days when a person made her own clothes.
Those were the days of sparse but precise wardrobes,
impeccable fit and classic style.

Very few in this day and age
know the joy our great grandmothers felt
when hand-crafting wardrobes perfectly suited to themselves.

This doesn’t have to be, though.

Your great-grandmother had these skills,
and her great-grandmother before that.
You come from a long line of relatives
who made clothes with their own hands.

This is your heritage.
All you have to do is awaken it.

Perhaps you’ve never threaded a needle.
No matter; thread one today and you can change that.

Perhaps you’ve stitched something before,
a button that had fallen off, or a small tear.

Well, then! You’re a step ahead!
Take the next step and learn some more.

Perhaps you have made things for yourself.
It may have gone well,
or you may have ended up with something
you are ashamed to claim as your own creation.

Whatever your skill level,
I want to help you not simply learn to sew,
but to become an artisan.

A maker with the skills to create works of art.

There are many skills you could learn,
and it may seem overwhelming,
but any one of these skills is not difficult
when taken a step at a time
and in a logical order.

I’ve taught people of all ages,
and even the youngest was not too young to begin to stitch
and even the oldest was not too old to learn new tricks of the trade.

Perhaps that is the first thing you need to learn:
to see yourself not as someone lacking skills and ability,
but to see yourself as you will be in the future: an artisan.

If the future you is an artisan,
then you are an artisan!

You simply need to take the steps today
to lead you to where you will be tomorrow.

My book, {the classic wrap skirt}
will teach you to make a skirt
but more than that,
in the process of making this skirt, you will begin to become an artisan!