become a master of the thread

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A needle and thread.
That’s all you really need to begin.

Perhaps you already know how to thread that needle
and sew on a button or mend a tear.

Then you know
how to sew!

The fact that you can do that much
means you’re that much more ahead than the person who can do neither.

And if you cannot do that much,
then begin to learn today!

Take a length of thread (18 inches or so will do)
gently slip one end through the eye of a needle, like so:

Oops, perhaps you’ll need to try a few times.
A tip: wet the eye of the needle.

You’ve done it!

Now for the knot.
Take the longer tail of the thread…

with the end toward the needle’s eye and the length toward the tip
wrap the thread around the needle three times.

Pinch the wraps between finger and thumb and
gently pull the needle through.

Keep pulling until the knot settles neatly
onto the end of the thread.

If it doesn’t work the first time,
well, you know the drill.

Try it again…and again…and again…
until it becomes second nature.

Perhaps this length of thread is simply meant
to help you practice threading and knotting.

Thread the needle, tie the knot,
then snip the knot off the end so you can do it again.

Play some music, or a podcast.
(Yes, silence is nice, but drills are a good time for listening, too.)

Tomorrow you may make some stitches
but let today be your day to become a master of the thread.