Case Study: Moonlight Dress

“Captured by Moonlight” was the theme.
1922 was the year.
This is the dress.

The client presented three images to be combined into one design, but what the client needed was not a handful of beautiful details. The client needed a precise design that reflected the story of the wearer.

So I all but ignored these suggestions and began asking questions.

Who is the wearer of this dress?
Where will she wear it, and when?
What is the story that we want to tell?

The final product is completely different from the mental image the client began with, yet it is exactly what the client needed.

White silk, ethereal and reflective.
Flowing dress, clingy slip underneath.
Discreet seams, delicate selvage for the hem.

As a result, the heroine of the story shines, not just the dress she's wearing.