three keys to maintaining motivation

it’s too easy to become demotivated

In fact, I’m not motivated to write this right now.

We all hit dry spells,
times when our inspiration is weak
and motivation is low.

How to get out of the funk?

Or better yet,
how to prevent falling into it in the first place?

~ try something new

A change of place or a change of pace
can help you to find a new perspective.

Try a new
… tool
… material
… color
… medium
… technique

Step out of your comfort zone and do something for fun.

Take your project to a new place,
or change up your surroundings in another way;
play music or introduce a sweet scent.

Do something to change your perspective
and trigger your creativity.

Don’t limit your experimentation
to demotivated days.

Keeping yourself motivated
is easier than getting yourself motivated.

Inject variety into your habits.
Change things up regularly to head off boredom.
Find ways to make the mundane new and different.

~ surround yourself with other creatives

It’s more difficult to be idle
when you’re surrounded by activity.

It’s easy to be inspired
when the people around you are creating.

Surround yourself with creatives;
you will feed off of their energy,
and feed them energy.

If you aren’t in community already,
find a way to join one;
find a way to grow one.

Tell the people around you about your project.
Talk about what is making you feel stuck,
but more than that,
tell them why you began in the first place.
Talking about your passion will help to reignite it.

~ show up every day

Mostly, though, maintaining motivation is a discipline.

Sitting down to work is the first and most difficult step
toward accomplishing anything.

It is also the most effective way to awaken motivation.

Do not ask yourself whether or not
you will work on your project today.
Establish it as a habit;
don’t think about it - do it!

Remove the decision from the equation
and choose to show up even before it comes time to show up.

Some days you will feel more motivated than others,
but as you build the habit,
you’ll find that you don’t need to worry about feeling motivated,
you will simply be motivated.

I showed up today

I opened this document
and laid down an outline.

Still, I felt uninspired and unmotivated.

That is, until I filled in
the other elements of the trifecta
that I have described here.

I tried something new,
playing music that is very different
from my usual writing playlist.

I surrounded myself with other creatives,
and as a result, one of them issued a random challenge
that motivated me to write what you are reading now.

That challenge goes beyond this one article.
The discipline transcends a single writing session.

And so, I will not only be writing every day
(I have already established that habit);
I will also be publishing every day.

From now until July 1,
when I release the {classic wrap skirt} book for sale,
I will publish a new blog post every day.

I must, after all, practice what I preach.