music and poetry

Poetry is an art form that evokes emotion — how much more so when paired with other evocative art forms? Illustrated poetry, for example, has a certain expressive quality that simple words do not. Putting poems to music is another way to make words more expressive.

Likewise, poetry can add depth to other art forms. A painting accompanied by a poem can resonate even more strongly than the painting alone. And a song with words put to the melody connects the listener and the composer in a singular way.

Creativity breeds more creativity. Let the art forms bleed into each other and inspire growth as you explore them.

{today’s exercise}

Choose a song that makes you feel deeply. If you have trouble deciding on one, ask a friend to help. Listen to the song a couple of times, then respond to it with a poem. If the poem has words, see day 24 of #31poems for some tips regarding responding to other people’s words.)

{my process and my poem}

I chose the song Sailboat by Ben Rector. Two lines in particular stood out to me: “The only change I see, lost or found at sea, the only difference is believing I’ll make it in,” and “God knows what I’m headed toward.”

I’m on a sailboat
trapped, water surrounding me
water surrounding me with beauty
alone in the silence
enjoying the peace of solitude
insecure, unsure of where I’m drifting
drifting along, excited to see where I end up
no oars to fight the direction the wind takes me
blessed surrender, carried along by the wind
who knows what I’m headed toward?
God knows where I’m going
exposed to the elements
soaking in the mist and the breeze