I'm creating a course

this has been my project for the past nine months

It all started at a conference where a couple of people
asked me to teach them how to do
what I do.

Over the next few months I taught them my process.
I wrote down everything so I could
teach more people.

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I still have tons of work to do leading up to the launch,
which will be a month from now.
(So many emails.)

In the meantime, if you want to read more about the course
I've written plenty on this page:
{click here}

this course is for creatives who want great clients

If that's you, be sure not to miss the quick-start guide.
(It's on the course page.)
(And it's free.)

If you aren't a creative freelancer but know someone who is,
please send them the link to the FREE guide!
I can't wait to share more!