a simple way to build community {say thank you}

We cannot thrive apart from community,
but do we ever try.
And by “we” I mean “me.”

As a full-time creative, I’m tempted to hide myself away
doing my creative thing

But as a creative, I need outside stimulation
to grown and shift and be inspired!
To be creative is to respond to the world around me.

A body of water with no inlet
and no outlet
grows stagnant.
A creative with no outside stimulation
and no regular output
has little life.


In a world of social media
we think of “sharing” as a simple click
to put a link on our wall, feed, or blog.

But sharing is more than that.

When you share, even on social media,
you are doing something to build community.

You are putting a part of yourself out there
as you say, “this resonated with me,”
and ask, “does it resonate with you too?”*

This is a bid for appreciation,
a request for connection.


It’s easy to appreciate something
without ever letting the creator
know of our appreciation.

We smile at something,
but do not often take the time
to thank the person who inspired that smile.

How many times have you said “thank you” today?

Do something right now to express appreciation,
both to someone close to you
and to someone who feels out of reach.

Send a text or make a call
to tell a friend or family member
how much you appreciate him, and exactly why.

Then think of someone who has influenced you; an author or blogger, perhaps.
Reach out, even if you think your words won’t matter to them.
Fill out a contact form. Mention them on social media. Say “thank you.”

It will probably mean more than you know.