spreading beauty through poetry

For the past twenty days you have had the opportunity to express beauty through the written word. Have you taken this opportunity to not only write, but also to share what you’ve created?

poetry is a simple way to spread beauty to other people

It doesn’t cost much to hand-write a poem on a piece of paper and give it to a friend. Spend a few more cents to stick that piece of paper in a stamped envelope, and you can spread beautiful words across the world!

{today’s exercise}

Don’t keep your words to yourself! Write out a poem by hand and give it away. This could be a poem you’ve already written or a new one that you write today. Give it to someone in person, or send it through the mail.

{my process and my poem}

I wrote this poem the day after my dad’s 48th birthday and shared it digitally with him. Today I decided to write it up and send it to him.

48 years ago yesterday
was God thinking of me?

on that day when my grandparents heard the good news
that a healthy baby boy was born to them
did they know that 25 years later
he would be my daddy?

did anyone but God know
that I would need a dad like you?

a daddy whose baby girl didn’t want to be held close who would hold her anyway
pacing, holding her out in front of him
late into the night

a daddy whose little girl seemed to want to be anywhere but home
who would give her a loving home anyway
a steady home, a safe haven
she could always return to

a daddy whose teenage girl wasn’t sure what she wanted
who would give her what she needed anyway
encouraging her gifts and talents
and feeding her passions

a daddy whose grown-up girl suddenly launched into the unknown
who would be left holding an empty bow
smiling and proud, knowing this was the moment
he’d been preparing her for

a daddy who followed God
and in so doing
was exactly the daddy He wanted him to be