Weeklies vs. Dailies {the best way to use a planner}

Weekly spreads seem to dominate the Instagram bullet journal space. It makes sense—anyone who uses them regularly creates a new one much more often than, say, a monthly spread. My grid, on the other hand, rarely features a weekly spread. That’s because I simply don’t usually find them useful. Until recently, that is…

Daily “rapid log” pages serve me better most of the time. Here’s why I choose to use one over the other:

A case for dailies:

Here is my number-one reason to choose dailies over weeklies: Each day can take up as much or as little space as it needs. I can even skip days or whole weeks without wasting pages.

I love Ryder Carroll’s original “rapid log” concept. In fact, this is one of the biggest reasons I switched from a “normal” printed planner to the bullet journal.

Using a rapid log means that future-planning isn’t easy, but usually that’s fine with me. I tend toward forward-thinking a little too much anyway so the daily rapid log method helps me to be more purposeful about living in the present.

It also means I don’t have to worry about creating the spread before I can use it! Rapid logging fills a page one line at a time. It’s truly the most efficient way to keep a planner.

A case for weeklies:

Recently weekly layouts have been serving me better than daily rapid logs are able to. My current living situation is such that I have to coordinate my life with at least two other households in any given week. I need the ability to forward-plan.

I also have a lot going when it comes to writing and work. Being able to say, “this can wait until Thursday” and write it down on Thursday is helping my sanity. If I were using the rapid log that task would sit there undone for days, making me feel like I should do it now even if in reality other things need to have my attention.

I have used weekly spreads in the past with various goals in mind. For one season I used them to track my time: I felt like I was getting nothing done but once I wrote down how I was spending each hour I realized how productive I actually was. Creating the layout at the beginning of the week made it easier to keep track of the hours.

So which is better?

Choosing between the daily rapid log or a weekly spread fully depends on which serves me better in my current stage of life. At the moment that means simple weekly spreads with a fair amount of white space. I need margin and the freedom to schedule tasks for later in order to breathe easy. I need the ability to map out my week so I neither feel overwhelmed on Sunday nor swamped on Friday.

My bullet journal is always changing. That’s what I love about it: it becomes whatever I need it to be! Sure, the decisions about customizations can be overwhelming at first, but when I take them one at a time with a focus toward figuring out how each might serve me, it deosn’t take long for the clear solution to surface.