writing from strength

Some of the best poetry comes from a place of deep emotion. This may be an emotion of weakness like I wrote about yesterday, or it may come from a passion.

What are you passionate about? What makes you feel strong and confident? What makes you feel so angry that you can’t not act? What inspires you so much that you can’t help but close your eyes and open your arms and smile at the sky?

{today’s exercise}

Remember a moment when you felt some kind of passionate strength pulsing through you. Take yourself back there and notice your surroundings. There’s a reason that things like sunny days are attached to feelings of happiness. Think of how your surroundings reflected the passion you felt, and write that into your poetry. Begin by drawing a word picture of the setting, and then add in the layers of emotion and circumstance.

{my process and my poem}

The rain started slow, but hard.
Big drops, but few and far between;
Ground so dry it took more than a few raindrops
to actually look wet.

The clouds rolled in fast, but gentle.
Mountains in the sky, obscuring the blue;
Sun so intense it took more than a few minutes
to actually become dark.

They ran off around the block
chasing the sunset, daring the rain to begin in earnest.
But I’d rather absorb the splendor closer to home,
so I went out into the backyard.

I noted how a treehouse probably
wasn’t the safest place to be in a thunderstorm,
and then noted the palm trees that must be tall enough to
draw lightning away from me, right?

I stood there open and welcoming.
The wind wrapped around me like a passionate embrace.
I closed my eyes and let the sights disappear, awareness punctuated by
pounding thunder.

They came back drenched and laughing.
I left my perch and a few drops kissed me as I dashed inside.
The sun disappeared, but the sky stayed lit, clouds shattered by
cracks of lightning.