Do you want 30 days of writing inspiration?

Every day in August I'm writing and publishing a piece on Medium designed to inspire the reader to buckle down and actually write. I share tips and stories, all with a focus on implementation.

My primary source of inspiration is Sean McCabe's course 30 Days to Better Writing. A whole group of seanwes Community members are going through the course together and since I've already been through it I decided to challenge myself not only to write every day, but also publish.

All of the posts on Medium are behind a paywall which means that unless you pay $5/month to be a member you can't read more than three articles in a month. If you do become a member your $5 goes to the writers you "clap" for, but if you don't want to become a member you can still read all 30 articles by {clicking here}. I will send you one every day beginning as soon as you sign up. You can take a peek at what I've already published by clicking any of the titles below:

I’m writing every day this month

{3 reasons you should join me}

How to write words worth paying for

{and why you should}

My #1 trick to make writing every day easier

{spoiler: it has to do with routine}

How I’m building a loyal following

{attracting an audience that knows, likes, and trusts me}

You’re blogging for the wrong people

{how to craft a blog that will resonate with your ideal audience}

3 ways to kill writers block

{how to make it easy to buckle down and write}

Do something badly today

{you can’t improve what doesn’t yet exist}