reflecting on 2017, preparing for 2018

At the end of this month I'll be hosting a workshop to help people create a custom planner system that will work for them. Since the participants will be starting their planners right before 2018 begins, I want to share some tips and ideas specific to the new year.

I set out on a search for inspiration, and Pinterest and Instagram did not disappoint. Just as I was beginning to get overwhelmed, I found a series of year-end review prompts written by Kara @boho.berry. I realized that spreading out the process of reviewing 2017 and preparing for 2018 over the course of the month would be the perfect way to avoid overwhelm. It fits my goals perfectly since avoiding overwhelm is the number-one thing I want to help the participants in my workshop to achieve!


Each day I will be responding to the prompts in my journal and I may create "bullet journal collections" in either my personal or business planner when applicable. Either way, I will share a peek at my responses on Facebook and Instagram.

The goal is to write in my journal every morning over breakfast. (I would say before breakfast, but growing a baby makes me wake up needing food!) I've made this goal before and haven't succeeded at accomplishing it for very long, but with a prompt to start me off every morning I hope to do better this time around.


If you decide to join in the #bohoberrychallenge and respond to these prompts, even if only for a few of the days, let me know! Tag me @jordanelisheva on Instagram or Facebook!