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My course helps creatives get work they will love.

Many creatives are “starving artists.” Sure, you get to do what you love, but passion doesn’t pay the bills. Passion alone, that is.

Artists don’t have to starve.

You can learn the business skills that will allow your passion to pay the bills and then some. Some of those skills are mundane — like accounting — but others are extensions of the creativity that already drive your passion. My course focuses on developing the skills necessary to tell a beautiful, compelling story that will help convince potential clients to hire you.

Implementing what I teach in Crafting Effective Case Studies will help you to attract great clients. How much are a couple of great clients who pay well worth to you? A few hundred dollars? $1,000 or more?

Enrolling in this course is an investment — the Self-Guided version is $399 — and if it can help increase your revenue, that's an excellent investment. But what if you don’t have the money to invest yet?

I understand the problem of needing money to make money all too well. That’s why I want to provide the chance to participate in my course even if you can’t afford the investment right now.

Tell me why you want a scholarship!

What is your passion? Why do you want to earn money through creative work? How will learning to craft beautiful and compelling case studies help you?

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