Leverage the power of writing to sell more and get great clients.

  • Use your past work to attract even better future work:

    An effective case study lets your potential clients see themselves in a story of success; it convinces them to hire you so that they can be successful. My process for writing case studies allows you to focus on your work instead of on writing.

  • Help people get to know you through solid web content:

    You will sell more when you provide people with content that helps them. I can craft copy that will help accomplish this goal, from your About page to sales pages.

  • Build trust via email so people want to buy from you:

    Carefully-crafted sequences can lead to successful product launches. Automatically delivering valuable content after people subscribe to your list can funnel them toward buying from you. Let me help you clear the cobwebs and come up with a plan that will work.

  • Try me. While case studies and content marketing are my main focus, I have a variety of skills picked up over my 14+ years of blogging and 10+ years of running small businesses. Fill out the form below and tell me of your stuggles. I would love to help you find success!

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