Hand-craft a skirt you will wear and love

... and become a skilled artisan in the process

Learn the joy of hand-crafting clothing

Create clothing you truly love

Love this wardrobe that you actually wear

You’re fed up with poorly-fitting clothes
that only last a single season,
not only because they go out of style,
but because they’re so poorly made
that they quickly wear out.

I know, because I’m fed up too.

Ethical, sustainable brands
that value quality over quantity
and classy over trendy
are sprouting up all over the place…

But often the cost is high
and who knows how well the clothes will fit?
Especially when you are ordering online.

Oh for the days when a person made her own clothes,
or someone close to her made them.
Those were the days of sparse but precise wardrobes,
impeccable fit and classic style.

Very few in this day and age
know the joy our great grandmothers felt
when hand-crafting wardrobes perfectly suited to themselves.

This doesn’t have to be, though.

Your great-grandmother had these skills,
and her great-grandmother before that.
You come from a long line of relatives
who knew how to make clothes with their hands.

This is in your blood.
This is your heritage.
All you have to do is awaken it.

Perhaps you’ve never threaded a needle.
No matter; thread one today and you can change that.

Perhaps you’ve stitched something before,
a button that had fallen off, or a small tear.

Well, then! You’re a step ahead!
Take the next step and learn some more.

Perhaps you have made things for yourself.
It may have gone well,
or you may have ended up with something
you are ashamed to claim as your own creation.

Whatever your skill level,
I want to help you not simply learn to sew,
but to become an artisan.

A maker with the skills to create works of art.

There are many skills you could learn,
and it may seem overwhelming,
but any one of these skills is not difficult
when taken a step at a time
and in a logical order.

I’ve taught people of all ages,
and even the youngest was not too young to begin to stitch
and even the oldest was not too old to learn new tricks of the trade.

Perhaps that is the first thing you need to learn:
to see yourself not as someone lacking skills and ability,
but to see yourself as you will be in the future: an artisan.

If the future you is an artisan,
then you are an artisan!
You simply need to take the steps today
to lead you to where you will be tomorrow.

"[Before working with Jordan] I had a basic working knowledge of hand stitching and how to use a sewing machine, but I had never made anything that required more than stitching one straight line." ~Allison

After only one week of afternoons spent in my studio,
Allison had a beautiful linen skirt that she had made
completely by herself (I had hardly touched it).

I can do the same for you!

I would love to have you into my studio,
but perhaps it would be hard to make that happen.
So instead, you can bring a small part of me into yours.

The skirt that Allison made is more than a simple skirt.
As I led her through the process,
my attention was not so much
on the making of the skirt itself,
but on the girl making it.
My goal was not so much to have
a beautiful work of art at the end of our lessons,
but rather to have
an artist capable of making a work of art.

This is the same goal I have for you.

In this book I have included the instructions to make a skirt, yes.
But more than that, these instruction will teach you
how to use this skirt to make yourself an artisan!

The beginning of the book is formatted in such a way
as to give you an overview of the process,
similar to the instructions you would find in a typical sewing pattern.
Then that section is followed up by a whole book’s worth
of in-depth instruction.

Detailed explanations not just of the “how” but also the “why.”
For example, I teach you three different methods to hem a skirt,
but I also teach you how to decide which of these methods
to use for your skirt.


You will not simply learn to sew,
you will learn what goes into the design process,
and you will learn how to make informed decisions yourself
in order to create a skirt you will love.

The final section contains five case studies
which explore the specific process of decision-making
that went into creating five different versions of this skirt,
all using the same framework outlined in the book.

If you have never sewn before,
you may think this book will be above your skill level,
but if you’ve made the project from my free {simple sewing skills} guide,
then you will learn the skills you need to make this skirt!