Sports have somewhat of a cult following. Many people like watching sports on TV or addend live sports events to feel the excitement in real life. Watching sports is always something that brings people together, regardless of language barriers and cultural differences. As well as that, sportswear is very comfortable to move around in and is affordable. There are great online shops where you can buy good clothing for sports! What’s your favorite sport to watch or play? You could provide writing services and write about sport! You can write about why sport is such an important part of our lives and why celebrity athletes have so many fans. Essays about sport need a writer who is passionate and knows a lot of concrete information, such as the rules of different team sports. Describe how much effort it actually takes to become a professional athlete. Your writing should be speaking to your target audience personally since the sport is that one thing a lot of us hold dear. Become a writer that inspires!

Various online courses are very popular now. There are already a lot of people who, like Jordan Aspen, have created their courses on platforms like Kwiga, in which they share their skills: programming, design, writing, and so on. And this is really good, with the help of such courses you can get the skills sufficient to start working in that field. But also, such courses can become another tool in the hands of scammers called Business Coaches. They already create and sell for big money courses in which they tell how you can get rich easily, how the rich think, and other nonsense. Unfortunately, a lot of people fall for this, and only the owners of these courses get rich on it. And there is almost nothing you can do about it other than educating people to distinguish between good and bad. Sharing personal experience on being a mother shows others that there is nothing you can’t do to achieve your goals. Showing others that we are all humans an change the life of many people, just don’t stay indifferent.


Learn to tell stories that sell!

My story...


My name is Jordan Aspen.

I’ve been a writer since before I can remember. I taught myself to read when I was four years old and soon after that I taught myself my own version of cursive. When I was eight years old my parents found a poem I had scribbled on a scrap of paper and submitted it to a magazine. As far as I know, that four-line poem was my first published work. When I turned twelve my web-designer dad gave me a blog for my birthday.

Around that same time my first business came to be when my mom’s friend saw the dresses I had sewn for myself and my sisters and asked if I would make some for her daughter. By the time I graduated high school I was known as a professional seamstress who specialized in Victorian reproductions. My favorite client was a book publisher who hired me to design and sew a dress for the heroine of a historical novel set in 1870. As much as I loved working for myself and creating these beautiful dresses, I was frustrated at the lack of professionalism in my field. The worst of it was knowing there was a problem but not knowing how to fix it.

So I quit. I left my sewing studio in my parents’ house and moved 1,000 miles away to intern at a non-profit organization.

By the time my internship ended I had discovered seanwes and realized that there is a place for professionalism in the creative fields! Still, I didn’t want to go back to doing exactly what I had done before. Writing was calling me.

When I relaunched my business I began sharing the expertise I had gained as a seamstress on my blog and six months later I published a book teaching people how to create a customizable skirt based on my previously best-selling design. The book was well-received, but to my surprise the readers were less interested in the skills I was teaching and more interested in the way I wrote down those skills. I had written the book as a poem and many readers asked me to publish more poetry on other topics.

I pointed them to the blog I had written during my internship and eventually I compiled the best poems from that period of time into a physical book, my heart poured out.

While working on editing the poetry collection, I began to offer writing services to other small business owners and discovered that I had a particular skill that most of them were lacking: I had developed a process for writing effective case studies that helped me attract ideal clients and projects as a seamstress. Entrepreneurs generally know how valuable case studies like this are but few know where to start when trying to write one, so to help them I created a course to teach my process and offered my services to those who didn’t have the time to write for themselves.

Now my specialty is writing professional case studies, but ultimately I am simply a girl who likes to scribble on scraps of paper and smiles when people find and benefit from those scribbles.